After 18 months of meetings and many hours of community input, the Sellwood-Moreland Main Street Design Guidelines have been adopted by the SMILE board of directors.  Take a look!  FINAL SMILE Design Guidelines 7-13-2020

The Land Use Committee is a standing committee of the Sellwood Moreland Improvement League (SMILE) formed to review land use notices, liquor license and cannabis applications, and in certain cases, file official comments on behalf of SMILE. The committee also organizes SMILE member participation in long term planning efforts which affect the SMILE neighborhood.  More details can be found in the Land Use Committee Guidelines


  • Reviews and responds to land use notices, such as property owner requests for lot divisions, zoning code adjustments, design reviews, and greenway reviews.
  • Hosts contact meetings with developers and neighbors.
  • Reviews and responds to liquor license applications
  • Receives notification of applications for marijuana medical dispensaries and marijuana business retailers.
  • Receives notification of demolition permit applications.Participates in City of Portland’s long term planning process, including the Comprehensive Plan, Mixed Use Zones Project, and Residential Infill Project.
  • Informs SMILE members about land use issues and the City zoning code.
  • Represents SMILE on the Southeast Uplift Land Use and Transportation committee


Approval criteria 33.815.105.A-E
Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood Plan
Pre-application conference summary memo
Prior type II condutional use decision LU 17-250724 CU

FINAL SMILE Design Guidelines 7-13-2020